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Arrived in Singapore

rain 28 °C
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So we've landed in Singapore, our last stop before home, and made our way to Fei Fei and Tudor's house where we're crashing for two nights. Nothing much to report, but we did hear from our cabbie here that there was a terrorist plot foiled and a bunch of people killed in raids in Bali on Sundays while we were there. Apparently even in the same city! Crazy.

Not sure yet what we've got planned for the next couple days but I'm sure we'll figure something out :)

OH, but worst of all, my BlackBerry broke. So now I'm mostly out of touch with the world...

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Beach Ceremonies

So, that was awesome! While Allyson lay in bed, feeling a bit under the weather, I headed to the beach to check out the Nyepi ceremonies.

As I mentioned in the last post, they were all headed to the beach in big processions. All along the beach they set up altars and offerings like shown below.


Each temple has their own area marked with the flags in the picture. Everyone dresses up for the occassion. Best outfits were the little girls with the flower headdresses.


There are loud speakers with people praying and a live "band" provides the background to everything. These guys each play like 1 or two notes only, and there are gongs and bells and somehow it comes out sounding like music.


It was very cool. At one point, all the women started dancing in unison along the beach with the others from their temple, and then took offerings to the ocean!

To top it all off, I got some delicious corn from a street vendor :)


At this point, it began POURING like I've never seen before. The roads have 2-3" of water covering them. Its crazy. Everything is soaked and the pour costumes on the beach are getting destroyed. This is when I bailed and went back to the comfort of the hotel room for a while :)

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Showed up at the right time!

So one day a year the Balinese hold a festival called Nyepi. The day itself is not that exciting - in fact its the opposite. It's a day of silence and fasting. They close the airport, guards make sure no one is in the streets. Not a great day to be a tourist.

What is exciting, however, are the preparations! They do big parades in the street, such as this


Where they head to the beach for purification ceremonies. Actually headed there next.


It's pouring rain here, which is actually good luck, since its the water god they're going to at the beach. In addition to the parades, the have traditonal music ceremonies at every temple and they build ogo-ogos. As I type this I'm hearing their traditional music in the streets as they parade to the beach.

These Ogo-ogos are essentially ogres. They're 10-12 foot tall grotesque statues of gods, dragons, creatures with many arms and fur and you name it - I think the one essential element is that they're grotesque. We've seen them building these ogo-ogos all over town. (I'll try to snap a photo or two) Next, they'll have a parade and competition with their ogo-ogos and then burn them!

So while they weather may suck for surfing, there's lots of cool culture going on here at the moment.

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Raining in Kuta

We've made our way back to Kuta, on the South Westish coast of Bali. We were hoping to get a chance to get out surfing, but at the moment its grey, rainy and windy. Kind of yucky.

The place we're staying had potential and isn't too expensive, but the closer we look, its rather run down, the TV is broken and the internet doesn't work :).

Last night was a bit of a bust too. We have a restaurant in Waterloo called Bhima's Warung. They used to have a sister restaurant just a few kilometers from where we are here and we thought we'd eat there. So we walked on over and even with a map, a street address and asking for directions no one had any clue where it was. Kind of annoying, so we just ate somewhere else. At least we tried.

We got to try Indonesia's other beer, called Bali Hai


Not as good as Bintang, but still not bad.

Ick, its started to rain again. We'll see what today turns into - not looking too exciting so far...

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A few pics from Tiing Gading




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