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In Ubud, Bali

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So we've made our way from Kuta and the beach into the central part of Bali and a town called Ubud. We're actually outside of Ubud and found a gorgeous little place to stay. They've got bikes for us to cycle around and we'll likely take a cooking course here too. Should be three nice days of relaxing here! Its nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist town!

We met the folks that runs this place. She's from Bali and he's from Holland. He even spent a fair amount of time in Windsor so knows the area well. Pretty neat!

After settling in, we went for a walk and went to the monkey forest. Its an open forest with temples that's just full of monkeys. They wander up to you and you can feed them bananas and they'll even hold your hand. Its in a beautiful setting with natural waterfalls, canyons and temples. A very amazing experience.

At night we went to a traditioanl Balinese fire dance performance. About 100 people involved and full out costumes, etc. They acted out some Balinese legends and some cool chants. Each of the dances is designed to ward of evil spirits. They're also preparing for the "day of silence" where the whole island shuts down. They even close the airport and no one is allowed to go out. They have big celebrations leading up to it and are preparing giant statues for parades.

Tomorrow we're borrowing bikes and will go out to the rice paddies and in the afternoon we have a cooking class at our homestay.

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In Bali!


We arrived in Bali safe and sound around 11am this morning and found a place to stay tonight in Kuta. We wandered around this afternoon and spent some time on the beach, although the waves and rip current were far too strong, so no one was swimming. We watched a few brave surfers out on the waves, but they were rough waves - so they were really struggling. We have had two great meals already - nasi gorang (a mixed rice dish with chicken, shrimp, veggies and egg) and wonderful spicy fish for dinner, cooked in a banana leaf! Delicious!

We've booked a shuttle to Ubud (sort of south-central inland of Bali) and plan to spend two nights in a homestay there. (A homestay is a small "hotel" family run...kind of like a B&B). From what we hear, its very peaceful out there - the homestay is nestled in the rice paddies, so we may even borrow bicycles and wander about in the country. After that, we're back in Kuta to spend some time on the beach and perhaps do some surfing and shopping!

Did you know that Indonesia is a country comprised of over 17,000 islands and has over 280million citizens? I had no idea it was that large. On the island of Bali relies on tourism for 80% of its economy? So, as a result, everything here in Kuta is very much geared towards the traveler - shops, restaurants, hotels and beaches.

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Farewell Thailand!


Well! It has been a great week down in the south of Thailand in Phuket. Our second day of diving wrapped up very well yesterday. I didn't see any sharks yesterday either, but Dave saw leopard sharks and black tipped reef sharks, not to mention some turtles and a manta ray. I am now open water certified for diving :).

Today was a down day...we hung out at the beach, wandered around town, had a thai massage (ouch, but good) and just had a great thai curry dinner!

We're up reeeallly early tomorrow...3am, as our flight to Bali leaves at 6:20am. Yawn!


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I saw a shark!

I'm lying...I didn't actually see a shark, but I could have cause I was underwater in the ocean where the sharks live!! They eluded us today however...perhaps they'll come out to play tomorrow (but just the friendly ones pls!).

3 dives completed today! Our first two dives were just off the coast of Ko Phi Phi, down to about 12m, where we went through a bunch of the skills we learned in the classroom and pool. Third dive, at Shark Point was deeper, 17m and we circled a huge coral reef, battling some pretty strong currents to get there and back. 2 hrs total in the water today. 3 more dives lined up for tomorrow, but for now, we're on the way back to the dock in Phuket for some much needed, delicious Thai food! :D




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Prepping for her first dive

Ok, so the world has advanced a lot and the internet is everywhere. I'm posting this from wifi on a dive boat in the middle of the ocean! How cool is that??

We met up with the dive instructor that will be doing Allyson's open water test dives. We're on a giant boat that can hold 80 people and they serve breakfast and lunch on the boat.

Allyson is getting prepped for her first dive. Going over her equipment with the instructor and familiarizing herself with things. We'll be doing 3 dives today, and hopefully we'll see some sharks!


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