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Yay.. 4 more hours in a minibus

We travel outside Saigon today, to visit the Cao Dai temple and the Cu Chi tunnels. This is where the vietnamese soldier hid during their attack on Saigon. Apparently 30km of tunnels barely wide enough for 1 person in most places.

Last night we visited the Ben Thanh market. Definitely more authentic than the one we have in Waterloo :). Its a whole night market with food, tshirts, crafts, etc. We'll probably go there again tonight too.

We also got to try a local meal of Banh Xeo, which is a lettuce wrapped pancake that's a traditional cuisine of the South of Vietnam. Delish!


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The beginning of the Hanoi spring roll tour!


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Headed to Saigon

All finished up here in Hanoi. After returning from our Halong Bay cruise we met up with Geoff and Laura. We'd all seen all the sights and decided the next tour we should do was food! We went on a spring roll rampage and decided to try spring rolls from a bunch of different places to compare. At eat stop we also searched for the cheapest beer.

The results:
- best spring roll: some random street lady, who disappeared when we tried to go back for more
- cheapest beer: 16,000d (CAN$0.77) for a 500mL Tiger beer from Singapore
And somehow we ended the night with spanish food. He was unimpressed when we asked him if he made spring rolls, so we tried his tapas and wow! Amazing!

Geoff and Laura have headed to Hue and we're now at the airport in Hanoi leaving in 30 minutes.

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Great Trip To Ha Long Bay

On the minibus heading back to Hanoi from Halong Bay after a great trip. We were with 18 other people...4 from Australia and 2 from Germany whom we got to know quite well - they were great fun. The food was amazing, the service was great and Halong Bay is just goreous. Dave took some great photosm..it was quite damp/misty/foggy which provided for some great views of the rocks appearing from the ocean. We went kayaking in the bay and went to a floating fishing village this morning. After dinner last night they brought us out a big "honeymoon" cake and sang for us! The cake even had a husband/wife snowman couple on it as they knew we are from Canada! We shared the cake with our fellow guests - Was a really great trip!

Baffling to us is how sloooooow they drive here. It takes 4 hours to go 180km to Halong bay despite the fact that there is a highway for much of the way. They don't seem to go faster than 80kph, and usually quite a bit slower than that. Quite bizzare!

This afternoon we're going to catch up with Geoff and Laura to spend some more time with them before we part ways!

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First View of Halong Bay

Not quite the blue day we were hoping for and perhaps a bit too cold to swim, but looking forward to our cruise.


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