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Arrived in Vietnam

So our arrival in Vietnam was mostly uneventful. Took like 30 minutes to get our visas, but once they fixed the toner in their printer, we were good to go.

Allyson, the clever girl she is, emailed a hotel to come pick us up, so there was someone waiting with a sign for us. We got to bypass the scams all together.

We're staying at a place called the Moment Hotel - so far so good. In fact, better than good. For $50/night you get a luxury hotel. Check out the pictures below - very nice!



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To Hanoi we go...

At the airport in Bangkok just about to board our flight to Hanoi. Hanoi is in the north of Vietnam and we'll stay in the city and its surrounding areas for several days. I'm so excited to be meeting up with Geoff and Laura there...can't wait to see you both!

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Headed to Vietnam

Checked out of our hotel in Bangkok and headed to the airport. We fly on Qatar (which I'm excited about) to Hanoi today. Still haven't booked a place there yet, as the one or two we tried were full. We're planning to find a cooking course and a Halong Bay tour when we get there as well.

Everything we read about Hanoi says watch out for scams, so hopefully we don't run into anything to annoying while we're there. Apparently the taxis at the airport are notoriously bad, so that will be our first battle!

Oh, and we made sure to have one last fruit shake before we left :)

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Tiger Temple

The bridge over the river Kwai was just as expected - a bridge :). Took a few pictures and moved on.

The highlight of the day, by far, was the Tiger Temple. Located about 2.5 hrs outside of Bangkok is a temple run by monks. Essentially a sick wild bore showed up in the monestary one day. The monks nursed it back to health and set it free. The next day the bore returned with 12 of his friends and it turned into a kind of animal sanctuary.

They took care of a tiger that was orphaned by poachers and the rest is history. Now from 12-4 each day, you can go visit the 20+ tigers they're taking care of. Unlike a zoo, you can actually go up and pet the tigers! Wow! So we met some of the monks and had our photos taken with the tigers. Kicks the butt of any zoo I've been to!

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