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Pad Thai on the Street

So I'm not sure how, but we found a bit of extra energy to do some touring around last night. (Likely cuz our bodies had no idea what time it was anyways) We walked around Khao San road and took in some of the delicious street cuisine. Had some Pad Thai and a fresh fruit smoothie. This place has barely changed since Rob and I were here in 2005, and it was neat to remember my way around.

We got ourselves a room at the NAT2 Guest House for 500 Baht ($15) splurging for the room with A/C so we could catch up on the lost sleep from the travel day. That sort of worked - it actually turned out to be too cold and we both wound up adding layers in the night.

Today we will do a bit of exploration around Bangkok and I'd like to head to the floating market. Tonight we ride and overnight train to Chiang Mai in the North.

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On the ground in Bangkok

Got our luggage, got to the infamous Khao San Rd, got a hotel and checked in. Now headed for cheap beer and fruit smoothies...

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Tired in Tokyo

Well we're more than halfway to Bangkok. Landed at Tokyo and enjoying the sushi. Its late and we're tired. Not much else to report other than the heated toilet seats. For those not familiar with the technology in Japanese toilets, it's a whole new world here.

Next we fly Thai Airways to Bangkok and will land at 12am local time. From there we'll try to find our way to Kao San Rd and find a place to crash.

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Checked in @Pearson

So far so good. Alarm clocks went off this morning, traffic was good and so far there's only one thing we're aware of that we forgot. We're checked in at the airport and have made our way to the lounge.

Our backpacks are lighter than expected. Mine is 25 pounds and Allyson's is 21. Heaviest thing, by far, is my camera, but the hope is that it will take some great souvenir photos to hang on the wall after the trip.

Today we fly from Toronto to Tokyo on Air Canada and then Thai Airways to Bangkok. In general we've figure out where we're going, but not what we'll do there or where we're staying - that's the adventure part :)

Flight will take off in a couple hours...

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All set to go...

So, we're nearly packed, tickets in hand and will be headed to the airport tomorrow at 8am. Our first flight will be to Bangkok via Tokyo and Allyson managed to use her points to get us upgraded to first class! Woopie! Our trip will last approximately 4 weeks. We'll be traveling through Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and Singapore. Essentially the first 2 weeks will be traveling in the North of Thailand, the second week we travel down the coast of Vietnam from Hanoi to Saigon, the third week Allyson will be completing her scuba diving course in the South of Thailand and the fourth week we'll be on the island of Bali. I hope we get to do a bit more diving there, and perhaps Allyson will get to try her hand at a bit of surfing.

This map shows a rough map of our adventure. So far all we've got booked is the flights. The plan is to show up and look for hotels, tours and things to do wherever we end up.

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